Arizona Sports Performance Academy

Want to be be the fastest and strongest athlete you can be?  Train with us and that is exactly what you will be.  Check out our training plans below. To view our class schedule click hereFor more information on enrolling in our programs please call (602) 531-1223.

2 Day Weightlifting ($99 mo.)

2 Day Weightlifting 2 days a week in the weightroom developing olympic weightlifting technique and strength. Great for youth or beginner athletes looking to be introduced to the weightroom. - 1.5 hour sessions, $99 monthly

3 Day Weightlifting ($129 Mo.)

Formerly known as “youth athletic development” this plan is best fit for younger athletes who are ready for the next step in weightlifting - a more specific program, a more broad arsenal of exercises and drills and a great overall program for improving athletic ability. - 1.5 hour sessions, $129 monthly

4 Day Weightlifting ($149 Mo.)

4 days in the weight room for athletes looking to compete, or looking to transition into competitive lifting. This intermediate program is the foundation or our "Weightlifting Team" and will prepare beginner olympic weightlifters for their first few years of competitions while introducing more advanced exercises and is geared towards peaking optimally for focal events such as State and National Championships. $149 monthly, 1.5 hour each session.

5-6 Day Weightlifting ($179 Mo.)

For experienced athletes only - this is an advanced individualized program for those with the goal to becoming competitive on national and even inernational platform. If this is a program you are interested in, please contact coach Eric Bramwell directly. This program starts at $179 monthly, 1.5 hours each session

Sports Performance/Weight Training 2x2 ($149 Mo.)

Two days in the weight room and two days on the track. This is a very standard yet effective intro program for athletes. It involves the ”meat and potatoes” of weightlifting coupled with our speed and power training on the track. The two track days involve sprint drills, speed work, plyometrics, med ball, gymnastic strength, and more. 4 days a week is plenty of stimulation for any athlete to adapt to; this is a great fit for out-of-season youth to intermediate athletes. $149 monthly, 1.5 hours each weightroom, 1 hour each speed and power session.

Sports Performance/Weight Training ($169 Mo.)

The 3x2 This is the full package. 3 days in the weightroom and 2 days on the track leaves no stone unturned! You will get bigger, better, faster and stronger. 5 days a week is a great program for any athlete looking to see how far they can take their athletic ability. This program is best fit for advanced athletes ready to train full time.- $149, 1.5 hours each weight room session, 1 hour each speed and power session.